Best Diy Ceramic Coating

Take preparation for ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that protects your car from bird droppings, tree gum, UV rays, acid rain, weather erosion, and light scratches. You can apply this by professionals as well as by yourself. However, as the process is a bit complex, you need to follow a few steps accordingly. If you know all the necessary steps, you can easily conduct the application of the ceramic coating in a proper way. However, to have better knowledge, it would be wise to follow the best DIY ceramic coating tips.


No wonder, before applying the coating you need to get prepared for the whole procedure. If you don’t take appropriate preparation you will find it difficult to undergo the procedure. If you are struggling with similar issues, you are just in the right place. Let’s check out the mentionable preparation tips before everything else. However, before you precede gather some knowledge on ceramic coating products as that will benefit you later.


Steps of taking preparation for ceramic car coating

  •       Wash buckets: Two bucket wash method is perhaps the best method so far. Hence, make sure to prepare two clean wash buckets. Remember; if you are serious about positive results then keep a distance from the automated car wash.
  •       Automotive shampoo: To wash the car, it would be better to go with automotive shampoo and not with waxes and polishes. High-quality automotive shampoos work well indeed.
  •       Microfiber wash mitt: You will need an extra-plush microfiber in order to drench the car paints. Through this process, the scratches and swirl marks will be reduced.
  •       Microfiber towel: Next, you will need a microfiber towel to dry the car surface, to polish and to wipe off the IPA. Remember, to avoid contamination and stains you should always use clean and fresh microfiber towels. If you use quality ceramic coating products, you can expect to get the best services ever.
  •       Non-wax polishing compound: After the above-mentioned step, you will have to polish the exterior surface of your car using a non-waxing polishing compound.
  •       Polish microfiber pads and the wheels: In the end, to reduce scratches and swirl marks use multiple microfiber polishing pads and a variable-speed polish wheel.


Is it ok to undergo ceramic coating by yourself other than professionals?

To get the answer to the above question you need to understand a few things. What is the condition of your car? Is your car in a very bad condition or is it ok? If your car is not in good condition then you should not conduct DIY steps. It is never possible to offer professional services by inexperienced hands. Hence if the condition of your car is bad try to consult the best professionals in the town. On the other hand, it is wise to give the best care to your expensive automobile. Therefore, before taking further steps, be smart and gather some more knowledge regarding the best DIY ceramic coating. Remember, you should always think twice before giving your word. 

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