c9 ceramic coating

The usefulness of carbon Flex c9 car coating

C9 carbon coating works as a protective shield to your vehicle. This coating decrease dirt clings, contaminants and enhances cleaning intervals. Apart from that, Car flex coating restricts UV rays bird droppings, bug splatters, and others. In fact, this special coating protects your vehicle against discolouration, fading, oxidation, and corrosion. However, if you apply flex c9 car coating once, you will be able to enjoy it for 3 years uninterruptedly. Hence if you want to add additional sparkle and gloss to your car, c9 ceramic coating would be the right choice.


How to use it?

To apply this coating you need to wash your car and decontaminate it. Polish the entire exterior surface of your car using a clay bar and make sure that no stains, swirls, and other defects such as scratches are left! Now you need to wait until the vehicle surface is dry and cool. Next, you need to wrap a carbon flex c9 applicator block with a micro-suede optical select applicator towel. Now apply the coating and make it dry to create a bond with the surface paint. Remove stains and disturbing marks with the microfiber towel, if any.


Next, you can start driving your car on a regular basis after the initial cure period is over. Remember, you are not supposed to expose your car to moisture (rainfall, snow) for at least 8 -12 hours! To gather more knowledge on carbon flex c9 v/s ceramic pro get in touch with the experts.


Why choose c9 coating?

C9 car coating is one of the high-quality coatings that promise to protect your vehicle from outside hazards. If you are determined to keep your car in safe hands, you must not neglect c9 ceramic coating. However, to erase your dilemma you can visit customer reviews. 

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