ceramic car coating cost

ceramic car coating cost

Ceramic car coating is for everyone

Without ceramic car coating your vehicle is in danger. However, it is always wise to have some knowledge regarding ceramic coating costs before proceeding. Car coating comes in different ranges and it depends on a few factors. On the other hand, you can also visit relevant websites for detailed information. If you consider the highlighted factors especially for car coating then it will be no wrong. Otherwise, it is really difficult to understand the different ranges of coating cost.


Ceramic car coating cost and the key factors

Basically ceramic car coating is not that expensive. But if your vehicle is a big one, then it may cost you a bit higher. On average, the price of car coating ranges from $500 to $2000. Now if you own a truck, then it will definitely cost you a higher charge. Else, if your car is in a bad condition then the experts will need to give special efforts to make it coat worthy. For more details regarding DIY ceramic coating talk to the experts,


Car coating packages

  •       Gold package: In this package, you will get a permanent solution with a lifelong protection warranty. This package involves a top-coat layer and a top-of-the-line coating. The cost of availing this package ranges from $1500 to $ 2500.
  •   Silver package: In this car coating package you will get a 5-year warranty plan. This silver package involves the layer of the 9H product. The price ranges of this package from $900 to $1400.
  •       Bronze package: This is the basic package that you can enjoy. This package gives you a guarantee of 24 months. It comes with a light formulation layer.


In the end, ceramic coating cost is never too high as millions of people are looking forward to undergoing this procedure.  

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