Ceramic coating or car wax

Ceramic coating or car wax- Which one is better?

If you are wondering between Ceramic coating and wax then this is undoubtedly an important topic for you. However, it’s up to you to choose the right material. In this blog you will get detailed information about the nature of both the products. For more additional information regarding ceramic coating v/s wax, you can always consult experts.


What are car wax and ceramic coating?

Car wax is produced from Copernicia Prunifera palm tree leaves. You can find this natural substance in the areas of Northern Brazil. Car wax is meant to protect the polished areas of your vehicle. The wax lasts for a maximum of 6 weeks. As per expert advice you need to wax your vehicle after every fourth or sixth week.


On the other hand, the ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that protects your car from UV rays, bird droppings, stains, and other similar hazards. Ceramic coating is produced from silica. All in all car ceramic coating keeps the dirt and contaminants away from the factory paintwork. To know in detail about wax v/s ceramic coating you need to do thorough research.


Which one is best?

No wonder, both the products have advantages and disadvantages. Now choosing one between the two depends on your pocket, the type of your vehicle and the type of services you demand. If you think practically, then car ceramic coating is better than car wax. Car waxing is a more hazardous and time-taking process than ceramic coating. Hence, if you are thinking of undergoing any one of the processes, have a discussion regarding ceramic coating v/s wax with the skilled members.


All in all, both the procedure commit to securing your vehicle. It is always wise to be smart to make most of the profit out of it. 

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