Ceramic Pro Coating Price

Ceramic Pro Coating Price

Protect the exterior of your car with the ceramic pro coating

Having a car is not enough, rather you need to take care of it like your child. The ceramic pro coating protects your car from swirls, UV fading, light scratches, staining, corrosion, and others. Hence, if you love your car, make sure to apply this coating before you move out. Continue reading this blog to know more information about the ceramic pro coating price.


What is Ceramic Pro?

The ceramic coat is basically a protective coating used especially for aerospace, automotive and marine applications. It is a kind of liquid that includes a liquid polymer that generates a chemical bonding with the basic paint of the car. No wonder, it adds shine and elegance to the car.


Factors on which the price of the ceramic pro coating depends on

  •       Size of the car: If you own a big car then it will cost you higher. On the other hand, if you own a small family car, then the cost will be reduced. Do not forget to wash your car and clean all the debris before applying the ceramic pro strong coat.
  •       The type of ceramic pro coating: The coat varies and comes in different ranges. If you choose to apply the expensive coating then you will have to spend a bit more than the application of a general coating. It is obvious to have a high-quality coating for a higher price. A single layer of Rain and one coat of Light start from $1695+tax.
  •       Layers of the coating: The more layer you will add, the price will continue to get higher. Therefore, if you want, you can go for 1 single coating and or 8 layers of coating depending on your bank balance.


All in all, clear all your doubts regarding the ceramic pro coating price and protect your car.

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