F11 Topcoat vs Ceramic Coating

Everything about f11 topcoat and ceramic coating

Topcoat is one of the popular companies that deal with the exterior surface of your car. The team has come up with a high reputation for offering the best services in the field of automobile technology. The company introduces new products in order to help the vehicle owners to keep their cars safe and sound. Two of their outcomes have taken the automobile industry by storm. One is Formula 11 sealant and the other is a microfiber towel. For more details regarding f11 topcoat, v/s ceramic coating stay tuned till the end.


On the other hand, the ceramic coating is a polymer liquid that protects your car from stains, bird droppings, UV rays, dirt, contaminants, and others. No wonder, the ceramic coating is better than car waxing. On a detailed note, ceramic coating keeps the factory paint safe and never allow outside hazards to get locked. It has always been a debatable issue regarding the best between f11 topcoat and ceramic coating. However, the details are given below; now it is up to you to choose the right for your vehicle. Hence, before making any purchase, do not forget to go through topcoat f11 reviews 2019.


Facts on f11 Top Coat

If you own a car and have been driving it for years, then you must require an f11 Topcoat to protect your car. This power coating deals with hazards regarding detailing, restoration and car sealants. Formula 11 commits to offering the best services ever. Services are like:

  •       Long-time protection: Formula 11 offers long-time protection that other sealants fail to provide. This coating keeps your vehicle safe from excessive sunlight, grime, heavy rainfall, and others. If you use coating other than Formula 11 then your car may lose its natural gloss and shine.
  •       It is eco-friendly: Do you know that Formula 11 master-craftsman sealant and polish are prepared with all the eco-friendly materials? Yes, that is true. They never allow any kind of harmful chemicals that may be a threat to your car. According to topcoat f11 reviews 2019, Formula 11 is leading the race.


Facts on Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a thin layer of polymer liquid that commits to providing ultimate protection to your car. This coating has some layers. If you wish you can go with a number of layers for sure. Let’s check out the amazing offerings of ceramic coating:

  •       Keep your car safe: Ceramic coating keeps your car safe from bird droppings, harmful UV rays, light scratches, heavy rainfall, stains, and contaminants. This is not all. This polish keeps your car shiny and glossy for at least 2 to 3 years. If you use high-quality coating then you can enjoy the services for more than 5 years.
  •       It keeps the body parts secured: If you apply a ceramic coat to the other body parts of your vehicle then those parts will be safe from corrosion and discolouration.


All in all, for more details on f11 topcoat v/s ceramic coating, consult the experts now!

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