is ceramic coating worth it

The ultimate truth about ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a kind of premium wax alternative that creates a protective layer to the exterior surface of the vehicle. Experts apply this liquid polymer by hand and give a shiny look to the automobile. Through this process, the factory paint generates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with the coating that prevents dirt stains and other pollutants. Now, if you want to know that is ceramic coating worth it, read the entire blog.


What is the untold truth about the ceramic coating?

No wonder there are a lot of benefits of having your car coated. But you need to know everything even the drawbacks.

  •       Ceramic coating is undoubtedly beneficial, but not always. If you use your car on a regular basis and drive it for miles, then a ceramic coating can benefit your car. But in case your vehicle is not exposed to bird droppings, UV rays and most often remain in the garage then you don’t need a coating.
  •       The ceramic coating doesn’t add gloss. However, manufacturers would love it if clients believe that the shine and gloss are due to the coating. This is where marketing doesn’t really line up with reality. If you don’t wash and polish your car perfectly then the existing stains, contaminants and dirt would get locked in the coating. Even if you add more layers your car won’t shine. But if the experts polish the surface and confirm a defect-free paint, the exterior surface would shine even better than a coated surface. Ceramic coating reviews may help you with more information.


All in all, if you are not that skilled, do not hesitate to get in touch with reliable experts in the town and gather more knowledge. You should never restrain yourself from knowing is ceramic coating worth it!

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