mothers ceramic spray coating

Key steps to apply mothers ceramic spray coating

Do you know that mothers’ ceramic spray coating is produced to remove dirt and water from the paint surface? It is a super-hydrophobic protective coating spray. However, for the entire process, you will require two buckets, car wash, sponge, polish or compound, microfiber cloth, clay bar, microfiber drying towel and of course mothers ceramic spray coating.


Key steps to follow while applying the coat

  •       Wash your car: First, wash your car properly. Make sure that you have removed all the dirt, stains and grimes from your car. Properly clean the pain surface.
  •       Use the clay bar: Now the pain surface of your car is cleared right? Now you have to remove any unwanted stubborn material from the surface using the clay bar. For easy handling, cut a suitable size from the giant piece and knead it into the nice flat surface. You don’t need to press the clay bar so hard. Just do it gently. After you are done, wipe the complete surface using a microfiber cloth.
  •       Paint correction: now the surface of your car is deeply cleaned and there is no dirt and grime remaining on the surface. Now before applying the ceramic coating correct the paint and prepare a smooth surface for the mother’s ceramic spray coating.
  •       Clean the surface: After the surface is as smooth as glass, and you are completely happy with it, wipe down the car body and make sure that there is no polish remaining.
  •       Apply mothers ceramic spray coating: Now apply ceramic spray coating for cars using a soft microfiber cloth.
  •       Wipe off: you can add additional layers for sure.


To conclude, you can hire experts to conduct the above steps. Mothers’ ceramic spray coating by professionals is definitely going to work well. 


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